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Torben Sondergaard’s Mission The Last Reformation in Orlando January 21, 2020

On January 21st, 2020, eighty graduates from Torben Sondergaard’s evangelism program will be converging in Orlando, FL for to move through Florida with the mission of The Last Reformation.

Torben Sondergaard, founder and producer of the movement and the movie The Last Reformation (which has received over a million views) is bringing his message that many believe God has given him, to transform the way we do church today. He is passionate about bringing this message of how all of us can return to the practices of the original church of the book of Acts.

Jesus said, ‘Come follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.’ How did He make people fishers of men? By [having them] follow Him and seeing what He is doing. ~Torben Sondergaard

Their mission is to kickstart all Christians into the life we read about in the Bible, training and discipling them to do the things that Christ taught His disciples to do: healing the sick, preaching the gospel, baptizing people in water, baptizing people in the Holy Spirit, casting out demons and blessing people.

Sondergaard shared with One Christian Voice, about the purpose of the mission,

The main focus is to make disciples and to see the Kingdom of God grow, training people where they are. What we are strong in is getting people to experience Christ, the Holy Spirit and the freedom. There are many people in church who are still struggling with sin. They are not free. The other thing we are strong in is helping Christians to bear fruit in their everyday lives. They have never led people to Christ or seen lives being transformed through them. We want to see people growing and living these lives.

According to Sondergaard, “there is no country like America..” having been blessed with an abundance of Bibles, translations, programs and ministries. Americans are good at doing the “church thing” but we lack one key component: living it out and knowing how to make people fishers of men. Sondergaard said,

Jesus said, ‘Come follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.’ How did He make people fishers of men? By [having them] follow Him and seeing what He is doing. And then when they saw, He sent them out to do the same. People don’t learn just by listening about what to do. They learn by seeing and being shown what to do. The seeing and showing part has been lost. It’s really all about people living their lives like Christ in their everyday lives. Once you have shown people how to do it, that fear is gone because now they have experienced it. And if you can do it one time, you can do it two, three times, two, three thousand times.

From his hometown of Denmark, Torben has received much criticism, in particular, the healing ministry and the exorcism of demons. A scathing Rational Wiki article accuses him of operating a cult and officials in Denmark have censured his work as illegal quackery.

A Danish publication cites justification for their rejection of his methods, “In Denmark, it is considered quackery when a person who is not trained in medical treatment treats the sick and puts their health at risk. It is punishable, and in the case of mentally ill patients, it can give a fine and imprisonment for up to one year.”

There is no country like America and..Americans are good at doing the “church thing” but we lack one key component: living it out and knowing how to make people fishers of men. ~Sondergaard

Nonetheless, Sondergaard’s ministry continues to thrive in the West with thousands of followers flocking to his events.

Starting in Orlando on the evening of Tuesday January 21st a team of 80 graduates from their Pioneer Training School in North Carolina will meet for one night and then disperse throughout Florida, coming back together for the Kickstart event in Port St. Lucie on the 24th.

The disciples coming to Florida have been training for the past two months at the Pioneer School. When they arrived at the school they had never preached the Gospel, led anyone to faith in Jesus Christ, or baptized anyone. This is their opportunity to go out in teams and demonstrate what they have been learning, to bear fruit, to bless people and to make a difference in the lives of both believers and unbelievers.

At the time of this article, eleven host homes are set up to host teams of trained disciples, who will go out into the streets of each community to share the Gospel, pray and minister to the people.

The culmination of the ministry efforts will take place on January 24th, 2020 at City Church of the Treasure Coast, 10011 S. Federal Highway, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952.

9 am – Open doors
10 am – Teachings begin
1 pm – On the streets and lunch
7 pm – Teachings (Testimonies)

9 am – Open doors
10 am – Teachings begin
1 pm – Fellowship & Baptisms and on the streets
4 pm – Extra sessions about church
7 pm – Open meeting (Testimonies)

1 pm – Open doors
1:30 pm – Teachings begin
3.30 pm – END


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