The Power of the Almighty Father was in full display yesterday as over 200 enthusiastic people showed up to Pray & Protest that despicable satanic Christmas display that is “supposed” to go up once again at this park right next to the ever-Sacred Nativity set of our beloved Baby Jesus. And, these people came from everywhere – I mean, everywhere!

For starters, the popular religious group that adores the Blessed Mother, “America Needs Fatima”, was the organization behind the scenes that helped put this incredible event together from a national point of view. Myself and Christian on a Mission were responsible for promoting this event in South Florida and getting all the folks to come out to Pray & Protest. I have known the folks from ANF for several years now, and working with the President of ANF, Robert Ritchie, is a privilege and an honor, as well as working locally with Sergio De Paz (Fatima Auxiliary Custodian from Miami), and Jose Ferraz (T.F.P. all the way
from Drums, Pa.). It was a Total Team Effort yesterday as we also had people that came from Wisconsin, New York and Kansas (who are on the ANF Team).

Photo credit: Willy Guariola

Enthusiasts drove all the way from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens, Jensen Beach – and the Galatolo Family (Domenick & Ruby) – drove all the way down from Ocala! That’s dedication, folks! That’s a 5 hour trip! Yep, they are already on my e-mail list. I live to meet dedicated and faithful Christians like them and that’s why organizing these Rosary rallies are so rewarding…

Did anybody say “Clergy”? Yep, we had one wonderful, elderly nun from Palm Beach County; one priest from Miami; A Spanish priest from Opus Dei; and our own Father Joe Papes (a dear friend, a bold Pro-Lifer, a teacher at nearby Pope John Paul II H.S., and he happens to know a little bit about the art of Exorcism). He’ll make your head spin. Pun intended. And, he actually made Sanborn Square spin a couple of weeks ago, prior to this rally, with his priestly touch. I’ll leave it at that.

It was these two priests from Opus Dei and PJP II, along with Jose Ferraz, who led the entire congregation in prayer, reciting a few mysteries of the Holy Rosary (in English and Spanish), as well as many other prayers. Yes, St. Michael the Archangel had our backs the entire rally as there were so many different flags flying in the wonderful breeze that GOD created for us on this beautiful day, as our official “flag lady”, Linda Legg, showed up once again with her flags, including the official flag from the Vatican…

The awesome ladies from Ascension Catholic Church – the Pride of the Pro-Lifers from down south – led by Joan Wilderman & Kathleen Ericksen, were there in their comfortable chairs with rosaries in hand, praying up a storm like they always do. Cecilia Rosado, another “younger” devout Pro-Lifer from Ascension, was also there as always, as well as Maria Olmos’ parents (who were filling in for Maria).

The list goes on and on as I know that if the City of Boca Raton tries to “pull a fast one on us” – we will come ten-fold next time…a “fast one”? What do you mean, Willy G?

Go back up to the third paragraph, above, where I mention the terms “Fake News” and “No News”. Then, scroll down to the first article below, titled “Satanic display won’t have an encore this holiday season”…What do you think they are trying to tell us, folks? This is precisely what I wrote about in an e-mail, warning everybody that the sneaky City of Boca Raton would be coming up with some type of “fake news”, trying to drive us bold activists out – having us call off the dogs – and believe that bogus story of the school teacher who holds the permit and rights for this despicable satanic display, somehow forgot to file for his permit this Christmas. LOL! If you believe that story, I’ve got some oceanfront property to sell you in Hialeah.

But, that’s the narrative that the leaders from the City Council want us to believe as well as our Local Media, who have all fallen for this – hook, line and sinker. After all, when the Mayor of Boca Raton is under fire for some serious ethics violations from 2012 and 2013, the last thing Mayor Susan Haynie needs in her town is another controversy. Her office knew that we were coming today. The entire city knew. All the media knew. That’s my job, folks.

And, some times that part of my job can be so rewarding and satisfying – when everybody does what they are supposed to do – when the local media show up like they do at least 80% of the time when I contact them through my Press Releases. They are always there to cover our Protests at Planned Parenthood (at 3 different locations) over the past few years and a good number of our Trump Rallies at our famous Trump Corner (PGA & Military Tr.).

But, when it comes to something that deals with the supernatural, with salvation of souls – with the difference between going to Heaven or Hell – and with something as demonic as a “Satanic Christmas display” (which is an oxymoron in itself) – well, it obviously appears that the media did not want any part of it.

Photo Credit: Willy Guardiola

I sent out my Press releases for 4 straight days and called every media outlet on day of the Rally. I follow the same procedure for all my rallies and all the local media know me quite well. This was nothing different…so, I thought. Well, two of the local TV stations were beyond reluctant and did not want to mess with the supernatural. I spoke to the Managing Editor of the Palm Beach Post, who I have become pretty close with over the past years, and he was also quite reluctant, but told me that he would send a reporter on Friday. I could feel the tension in the air as it truly appears that they were probably asked NOT to cover this event.

The majority of the media tried to steer me away from even running our Rosary Rally, giving me various stories as to what they heard about the satanic Christmas display, with two stations telling me the same story of Preston Smith not filing for a permit in time. Once again, I will hold that oceanfront property in Hialeah for you – and throw in a beachfront condo in Pahokee while I’m at it…

What came to my mind after all of this pushback was to tell all the local media that Boca Raton congresswoman, Liberal Lois Frankel, was going to be our keynote speaker…Seriously. I almost pulled that bit of fake news on them. I guarantee you if I would have told the media that Frankel was going to speak – they would have all been there at 11:30 sharp! They would rather cover a Pro-abortionist than a devout, Pro-Life Catholic priest who has blessed the same ground that Frankel has poisoned…Give that some thought, folks…

Anyway, the only local media that showed up was Channel 25. Well, sort of. I arrived at the rally site at 11:15 am, where there were already many prayer warriors on hand. Channel 25 showed up in their truck at 11:30. They parked behind the Square, began coming out of their truck – saw a good number of people already there – and decided to get back in their truck – and sped away. They never even said hello to me or anybody else and left after being there for about 5 minutes. What’s up with that, folks? Supernatural? In all my life of doing protests and rallies (and I’ve been involved with hundreds of them), I have never seen anything like this. Then, I began to think what the Christian/Catholic faithful have done at this park over the past few weeks in order to NOT have that satanic Christmas display show up again…Their stories were beyond awesome!

From a bold Catholic priest performing an “Exorcism” with Holy water and praying the Holy Rosary a few weeks ago at the site of this despicable display (He asked me to not to mention his name – but, his initials are the same as the Catholic school that he teaches at) – to many others sprinkling Holy water and burying small Catholic medals of different saints into the ground there; to myself, burying one of my Christian on a Mission pens in the
ground at the spot of the display – I truly believe that those grounds are now “Holy” and it would behoove me if the City of Boca would even think of allowing this atrocious display to ever appear there again. The beautiful Nativity set was up yesterday and baby Jesus was all smiles. And, because of this powerful Rosary Rally that took place at Sanborn Square yesterday, that beloved baby – the Savior of the world – will be all smiles all the way up
until His birthday. Satan has been defeated again and the people who love Christmas will once again have a “Silent Night:..


Legal group compares Boca ‘satanic display’ to KKK acts in letter to school district

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Willy Guardiola is a passionate Catholic activist and a freelance Catholic journalist,involved with many types of ministries, organizations, events and activities throughout the state of Florida, serving as a catalyst and evangelist in promoting numerous events.