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Marco Rubio Rallies at Palm Beach Atlantic University

United States Senator from the State of Florida, Marco Rubio, paid West Palm Beach a visit in his final push for the polls.

Nearly 1,600 people were in attendance for the rally that took place at Palm Beach Atlantic University on Monday, March 14th, 2016.

RubioSpeakingStudents as well as the community were chanting the name “Marco Rubio” as he approached the stage to make his final address before the primaries in Florida.

The focus of Rubio’s address was that American must remember who we are as a people united to achieve the American dream.

“America is founded on the spiritual principle that all men are created equal because we are endowed by our creator with inalienable rights to life and to liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Rubio said. “When you have lived in America your whole life, it’s easy to take that for granted…most societies that have ever existed do not believe those words. Almost everyone on this planet believes that your rights are whatever your leaders allow you to have. We believe that leaders are put in place to protect our God-given rights, not leaders in government to decide what they are.”

He emphasized the power that each citizen in the US has in order to put those leaders into place through the established republic.

Marco Rubio Speaks to the People of West Palm Beach in the Packed Arena of Palm Beach Atlantic University

“Big government helps the people who have already made it,” Rubio said. “The bigger the government, the more people we’ll have in the government that win over everybody else.”

Rubio’s focus on big government is an area that hits close to home in his life.  As a personal anecdote, he shared the story of how his parents lived a life of what he called to be “successful.”

Growing up with three other siblings, Rubio’s parents were not the wealthiest people.  His father was a bartender and apartment manager, and his mother a factor worker, yet they were able to raise their children to be more successful than their parents, Rubio said.

“I, myself, found my parents to be successful,” Rubio said.

He continued to explain that hard work and perseverance overcomes the odds of societal status.  As his parents were motivated, Rubio stressed his motivation for leading a society of people that upholds the foundations of the constitution and allowing many the opportunity for a pursuit of happiness.

“This is what makes us special, is that millions of people who will never be rich will achieve happiness; they will achieve what’s called the American dream.”

Rubio is in the battle for the Florida vote against Donald Trump who is currently leading in the polls.

Crowds Listen Intently to Marco Rubio’s Inspirational Message of The American Dream

The winner of the Florida primary will receive 99 delegates in the race for the republican nominations.

Trump is leading the race with total delegates of 460 with Rubio trailing at 163.

Winning the Florida primary will be an important milestone for Rubio’s campaign.

In his last push to win over the state of Florida, Rubio urges the attendees to rally together and continue supporting the Rubio campaign as the 2016 Republican candidate.

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