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Wednesday, September 27, 2023 9:07 pm
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Bullied Boy’s Life Changes After Looking for New Friends

Strangers raised $40,000 for a 12-year-old boy from Texas who was looking for new friends after being bullied by others.

Arlington Author Becomes Overnight Bestseller After Viral TikTok Video

A debut author from Arlington, Texas became overnight bestseller with the help of a viral TikTok video.

Lonely Boy Enjoys Birthday Surprise from Truck Convoy

A mom's call on social media brought the community together to celebrate her lonely son's birthday.

Athlete with Cerebral Palsy Trains for Ironman World Championship 2024

An athlete with cerebral palsy and his dad are now training for their toughest challenge yet---IRONMAN World Championship 2024 in Hawaii.

The Life and Faith of Henry Flagler

Most Floridians are familiar with Henry Flagler, the notable 19th-century American industrialist, but few are aware of the foundation of faith that fueled much of his direction and many of his decisions.

North Carolina Dad Gets Second Job to Spend Time with Daughter

A dad from North Carolina proves that taking a part-time job also means spending time with his daughter.

Former Trash Hauler Graduates from Harvard Law

Poverty didn't stop a former trash hauler to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.

UK Makes Senior Care Homes Welcoming for Older People


8th Grader Walked 6 Miles to Graduation

A broken vehicle didn't hinder an 8th grader to attend his graduation.

Mike Edwards: Bringing Business People Together

Having lived in Florida since 1975, Mike Edwards is practically a native. He went to college here,  worked here, married his wife, Sheri here, and raised his family here (four kids and now three grandkids). 

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