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JC Weeks

J.C. Weeks is an Ordained Minister, Author, Bible Teacher, and the Lead Pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Titusville, FL. A Biblical Education graduate of Lee University, he has ministered as a Youth Pastor and Lead Pastor for over 25 years. He has served on leadership boards through the Church of God in Florida. J.C. believes that God still has a plan and purpose for the body of Christ in this generation, and that Word of God is still as relevant and fresh as it was when God first inspired it. J.C. and his wife, Melinda, live in Titusville, FL.

Un-Crippled: Walking Away From The Things That Keep You Down!

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“My church is better than your church!” Is it?

In addition, the church has been dealing with issues of political correctness and which things or lifestyles are really sin. All of these are important issues in Christianity. However, our understanding and personal preferences about them can cause debates and quarreling which only leads to further division.

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